Quotes & Inspiration

Collected By Mr. Steven Rosebaugh

I celebrate my
life and accomplishments.
The more I praise and
celebrate my life, the more there is in life to celebrate.


I feel the sunshine of life and the brightness of my soul and spirit each and every moment of the day.
I am one with my own true soul and spirit.
I always expect great things to happen to me.
I am surrounded by an abundant life. I surrender to and accept this abundance as being mine now! I affirm that all my needs are met with ease, grace and that they are met now.
I hold nothing back and live out fully the gift of who I am.


I let go … then I live!!!
I am me…I love myself…I am
I visualize my life with unlimited possibilities.

E + R = O
Event + Response = Outcome

I choose to be in alignment of my own knowing…
I hear it, I feel it, I sense it.
Life is an illusion.
I look at each moment as an adventure.
I always expect great things to happen to me.
I always control the moment and make it what I desire it to be.
I choose joy. I choose gratitude.I choose to be in the “now”.
I am the creator of my own reality
The universe is my playground… I always create new and exciting, abundant and happy experiences in my life.
Today is a beautiful day and everything in going my way
I choose to effortlessly flow in the rhythm
of life…and today…
I declare my freedom …I am free.
My words are the power of what I create.
Believe and trust
Each and every day I manifest what I desire… I think it…I act it…I feel it…and I believe it is happening now!!!
I live my life with intention
Life can be a joyous
and an exciting adventure
I am fearless
I’ve got a snap in my fingers and a rhythm in my walk …I’m doing ok … livin’ in a great big way
I listen to my inner voice, my higher self … And follow it always and it will always turn out perfect
I open up myself to all the wondrous gifts the universe is giving me today and I allow them to flow through me freely
I am ready for the wondrous life … I am optimistic
I allow the full measure of my good to manifest in my life now. I allow myself the joy of receiving the highest and best. I allow myself to love and be loved unconditionally. I allow my inner splendor to shine in joy and gratitude.
I choose to be happy and healthy
Focus on what I want and call it into my life … what I focus on expands.
I focus on what I wish to experience


This is my
in time”

What I put out there, I get back, understanding that the karmic laws coincide with the law of attraction.
I attract what I think and feel, therefore I am what I want… I “act as if ” …
And it is all happening now!
I set my intentions…then I align them with my thoughts, words and actions to manifest my reality.
All “fear” is a Fantasized Experience Appearing Real …


The universe is unlimited and has endless possilbities of magical adventures
I claim my worthiness
I’ve got to accentuate the positive…
Eliminate the negative…
Latch on to the affirmative…
And don’t mess around with Mr. In-between
I am in the now and I am fearless.


I am in a bubble of giddiness!
Life is meant to be dominated…
People of accomplishment rarely let things happen to them, they set out and happen to things.
I am enthusiastic about living and I am looking forward to each day to express myself fully.
Always be conscious of being in consciousness

Some daily questions:
How can I grow?
How can I give?
Who am I?
What do I want?
What is it I need to know?

I pour out the torrent of my inspiration from my soul
I choose to be happy, wise and joyful

I am

I act like I am the Leonardo Da Vinci of my life….it is a blank canvas always ready for me to create whatever I want