As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Business Professional,
and ever-expanding Inspirational Influencer, I am always trending my teachings towards
the best combination of techniques, attitudes and fresh ideas to assist
all of us living a more joyful and stress-free daily life. Entertaining new approaches
to the adventure we call Life.

This trending goal and adventure is a natural lead into the world of social media and Podcasts 
coupled with how we can perform on a new heightened playing level in our personal lives as well as our roles 
in careers and the business environment. 

Both allow ourselves to be the best we can be while being true to our spiritual self and our productive natures.

I am interested in starting a Podcast discussing and providing all possible avenues
towards a more joyful daily life and bringing these discussions to the public.

I feel that fresh new ideas and approaches discussed in a Podcast format would
be beneficial to so many. Everyone would benefit and some just need to hear
those few inspirational words daily to start taking that action they need to take.

Words of encouragement and support to listeners.......

One does not have to be amazing to get started,
but one has to start being amazing!

Anyone that has an interest in joining me on this adventure, please contact me
at servisionnow@gmail.com

Let us see how our combined philosophies, life experiences and inspirational discussions can
make a difference !!

Mr. Steve
Steven Rosebaugh